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Kenna - Step Stool

Kenna - Step Stool

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Unlock Independence for Your Child with the Kenna-Step Stool!

👣 Boost Confidence: Our Kenna-Step Stool provides a safe and sturdy platform for your child to access hard-to-reach places, fostering their independence.

🌈 Vibrant Designs: Choose from a variety of colorful options that kids love, adding a fun touch to any room.

🛠️ Easy Assembly: Effortlessly set up this practical tool, ensuring your child can use it right away.

🧼 Easy to Clean: Crafted with child-friendly materials that are a breeze to wipe clean, maintaining a tidy environment.

👪 Parent-Approved: Trusted by parents worldwide for its durability and safety features.

Transform Bathroom Time into a Breeze!

Make potty training a breeze with our Kenna-Step Stool.

Why Parents Love Our Kenna-Step Stool:

🚽 Hassle-Free Potty Training: Elevate your child's potty experience with the perfect height and comfort.

🌟 Independence Boost: Encourage your child to use the restroom independently, promoting self-sufficiency.

🧽 Easy Cleanup: Our stool's materials are easy to clean, ensuring hygiene during the training process.

How It Works:

Our Kenna-Step Stool is designed with safety and functionality in mind. The non-slip base and sturdy construction provide stability for your child. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, making it the ideal choice for various tasks.

How to Use in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Place the Ottoman-Step Stool in front of the desired area.

Step 2: Watch as your child confidently climbs up, thanks to the non-slip surface.

Step 3: Witness their joy as they gain independence and accomplish their tasks effortlessly.

What Makes the Kenna-Step Stool Superior:

Non-Slip Safety: Our stool features a non-slip base to prevent accidents.

Child-Friendly Material: Crafted with materials that are safe for your child and easy to clean.

Durable Build: Withstand years of use and grow with your child.

Vibrant Designs: Add a pop of color and fun to your child's room.

Compare and Save: Our Kenna-Step Stool is a superior choice compared to wobbly chairs or flimsy alternatives.

Risk-Free 90-Day Guarantee! We stand by the quality of our Kenna-Step Stool. If it doesn't provide the independence and convenience your child needs, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Ready to Empower Your Child's Independence? 🎉 Don't miss out on our limited-time offer! Purchase the Kenna-Step Stool now and give your child the confidence and freedom they deserve. Act fast, as this offer won't last forever. Your child's independence journey starts today!



Material: Plastic   Size: 35,5*22,5*15Cm  Recommend Age: 1-6y 
 Certification: CE       Gender: Unisex
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